1st Students Conference

On behalf of the Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, we would like to invite you to the First International Students' Conference for Scientific Research

DPT Degree .

DPT Degree is the newest degree offered by the faculty, Designed to satisfy the national, regional and international physical therapy criteria

DPT Application

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Faculty Library

Our library offers a variety of physical therapy and medical books and journals, and a research tool in the national and international scientific databases and faculty thesis



 Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University will be on the top of pioneering leadership regionally and classified internationally.



 Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University is responsible for the graduation of physical therapist who is capable of providing competent services that accommodate various levels of work marketing regionally and international researchers who are able to develop the profession in consistent with traditions, and values which supports and improve the community services via continuous education and develop educational programs and scientific research tools.

Meet our Faculty Dean

Prof. Alaa Balbaa C.V

Future development of Physical Therapy profession:

The Physical Therapy profession is dynamic, which got developed to face the continuous changes and challenges in the health sector. In the past two decades, patients rely directly on it rather than referrals from other specificities.

Therapists now are in growing need to edictally document their findings and work through recognized scientific channels. The great scientific and technology development has allowed the therapist to utilize modern equipment in examination and treatment.

The Physical Therapist play a unique enlighten role to the public and patients. The qualified therapist provides advice to the peers and students using several communication methods taking decisions, administrative skills and continuous education.

The practice of physical therapy has become more and more dependants on the research results, which are published as well as professional and clinicalstandards making the profession. Practice of physical therapy relies on evidence-based practice. 

About us

Faculty of Physical Therapy - Cairo University is the first academic institute in Egypt, Started in 1962 to this day as a main provider for physical therapist and Academic staff in Egypt and the Middle East 


The Faculty have Awarded the National Accreditation in 2014, and seeking for International Accreditation 

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