Alumni Unit

Alumni Unit


This unit was established and adopted at Faculty Council 11/10/2011.It follows education and student affairs sector.


Alumni Unit seeks for improvement and development of academic programs in faculty in relation to meet the needs of labor market demand (national, regional and international).


Alumni Unitworks onopening channels of communication between the faculty and graduates to offer services aiming at enhancing ability, skills and preparing them for the market (local, regional and international)


Strategic unit goals:

-         Building channels between the graduates and faculty.

-         Completion of graduate database.

-         Distributing questionnairesofmarket demands.

-         Enhancing training ability for graduates through determining courses, which help in finding opportunitiesinsideland and abroad.

-         Spreading quality perspectives and importance of performance assessment at all levels.

-         Directing students of final years to work opportunities.

-         The establishment of the annual career Gathering in which all stakeholders are invited.

Unit organization structures:

a-     Bound of directors for 2 years renewed once: Faculty Dean Head of board

Vice dean of student affairs deputy to the head of board

-         Head of graduate unit.

-         Head of quality assurance unit

-         Teaching staff member

-         Assistance teaching staff member

-         Graduate representative

-         Student representative.

b-    Executive team of unit

-         Head of graduates unit

-         Teaching staff (one member)

-         Assistant teaching staff (one member)

-         General secretary

-         Head of student affairs

-         Head of graduates department

-         Financial director (Budget and account department)

-         Unit secretary

Procedures of follow up and communication with graduates:


1-    Database registration for previous year after announcement of overall grade.

2-    Sending a copy of result to Ministry of Health for their distribution.

3-    Contacting Ministry of Health to provide the Faculty of Physical Therapy with distribution of graduates (names and numbers) and locations on republic level.

4-    Contacting the Ministry of Health to provide Faculty of Physical Therapy with new telephonesfaxesbelongingto the different division units in order to reach graduates for informing them about new training courses or services offered by the faculty.


Communication procedures

1-    Sending social media site of the unit, which was prepared, activated and approved by faculty council (No. 340 14/2/2012), to all administrations to announce all graduates.

2-    Sending a communication form (approved by faculty council No. 356 14/2/2013) to all graduates to fill in all information (names, telephone, work address, email) and suggest training courses. Forms are filled and returned to unit.

3-    Renewing the form concerning courses, which graduates wish to study yearly.

4-    After collecting the forms, a plan is set for training for the year according to graduate wishes and facilities

5-    After terminating training plan (in action and approved) from faculty council No. 354 18/1/2013, the unit plan is renewed and approved from Faculty Council.

6-    Training plan is sent to all physiotherapy departments in the republic to announce all graduates about the courses,timing, methods of registration and speakers(The plan is available on social media of unit).

7-    Before and after the course is administrated to assess impact on the graduate.

8-    Distributing the form to the heads of the departments in hospitals regarding to the graduate performance and deficiencies to be improved in the following year plan.

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