Student Affairs Services

Administration of Education and Student Affairs Services

vThis administration provides educational services to the student from the admission to the graduation and awarding bachelor degree.

1-    Register student at different study years.

2-    ID paperwork approval and transport ticket extraction.

3-    Data on study status and registry certificate.

4-    Military practice round and military postponement.

5-    Receiving excuses for skipping exam.

6-    Arranging schedule and venues of examinations for bachelor degree. Contacting different authorities with student numbers, exam time to prepare exam papers.

7-    Preparing exam panels.

8-    Approving dormitory form for residence.

9-    Replying to students inquiries and directing them.

vInternship division:

This department distributes final year graduates to Cairo University hospitals and Outpatient Clinic of the Faculty to continue obligatory training year, as well as transfers the students who willing to spend their internship year according to their residence to the Ministry of Health hospitals.

vGraduate division:

  It serves the needs of graduates:

a-     Provides bachelor Arabic – English certificates


b-    Sends physical therapy graduates list to the Ministry of Health for assigning to work (practice of Physical Therapy) according to the students demand.

About us

Faculty of Physical Therapy - Cairo University is the first academic institute in Egypt, Started in 1962 to this day as a main provider for physical therapist and Academic staff in Egypt and the Middle East 


The Faculty have Awarded the National Accreditation in 2014, and seeking for International Accreditation 

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