Internship Rules and Regulations

Internship Rules and Regulations




The year of internship is an opportunity to reach out to a distinct level in the practical application of physical therapy methods and techniques, to be able to communicate professionally and understand the administrative issues by achieving the following objectives:                            

- Objectives of clinical training.

-Objectives of administrative understanding of regulations and laws

-Objectives of communications with the work team


A- Objectives of training

The objectives are achieved through adherence to the regulations   governing the educational process of the training process as follows:   


1- Presence at the clinical site on the official times specified by the clinical site and wearing the white coat and ID.

2-Committment to the regulations of the clinical site and performance of the training under the supervision of the clinical instructor.

3-Compliance with the instructions of the supervisor responsible for the clinical training relating to follow up the plan set and its implementation under supervision and not to contravene or change the treatment plan in the absence of the clinical instructor.

 4-Commitment to provide research paper or present a case study, which is determined by the supervisor (by selection) according to the need of the training in the clinical sites and also when there is availability of time and no interference with the training process.                                                      

5-Addressing Physical Therapy Administration when submitting any request for the postponement of the internship period by a time not less than ten days of starting the internship round and follow the instructions of the required documents.                                                                         

 6-Presenting a model that includes the number of patients and the number of sessions for each patient in each round including the name of the student, type of training course, month, date, signature of the clinical instructor to the Physical Therapy Administration and a copy to the clinical instructors.      

 7-Completing the logbook of the internship in the part of the signatures and holidays to allow the Physical Therapy Administration to review it to ensure that the student passes the period of the internship that he/she should attend.

8-The clinical instructor evaluates the training process and the student at the end of the each internship round to stand on the eligibility of the student to pass the internship period or not. This is done to undertake the special arrangements for the other clinical site distribution.


B- Objectives of the administrative understanding of the regulations and laws

These objectives are achieved through adherence to the regulations and laws governing the relationship between the student, the administrator, and the clinical instructor, as well as the relationship of the student with the various administrations in the hospitals and the general administration of the hospitals and this is done through:


1-Regulation of holidays

According to the decision of the Hospital Board of Directors at the session No.152 on 27-1-2009 and approved by the president of the university on 5-2-2009, all the internship students of physical therapy in the hospitals must complete 75% of each round and not to exceed the percentage of holidays or breakout rate of 25% during any of the training round (6 days in the month and 13 days in two months course) to ensure the completion of the training rounds prescribed in all specialties. Anyone who goes beyond should repeat the round at the end of the internship year. Annual holidays are 7 days casual and 15 days ordinary.                                                                                     


2-Regulation of transfers (Modification):

The transfer will be approved on the following cases:


1-It is agreed to modify the site of the clinical site according to the residence; the students should submit a document stating the previous residence in the Cairo University hostels during the study period. The application must be submitted before starting the training year (October or December) with the approval of an educational or university hospital where the student needs to spend his/her internship period.


2-Exceptions to the previous procedures for some cases and specifically the following cases are:


*Social cases when the internship student submits a marriage document of a husband working in a place outside Cairo.


*Chronic illness cases or those needs to be treated for a long time; the internship student submits medical documents of his/her illness. These types of applications can be submitted at any time.                         


Therefore, any other application except above is considered to be non-conforming to the Regulations and not to be considered in order to maintain the training process and the general training system.


 For the internal transfer from Cairo University hospitals to the Faculty Outpatient Clinic, it is agreed to be through finding an alternative.


 3-Regulation of the postponement (internship wave)


The internship student shall submit an application to the Physical Therapy Administration in Kasr Al Ainy, Cairo University.


The administration shall provide an opinion and submit it to the general director of the hospitals to take the approval or to make a memorandum through the doctor's affairs.


After the approval and transfer of the request to the Administration of Physical Therapy, the administration shall carry out the necessary procedures for the distribution of the student to the clinical sites to complete the clinical training.


4-Regulation of spending a period of internship outside the Republic:


Students who spend a period of clinical training outside the country must obtain previous approval of the general director of hospitals at Cairo University. After spending the internship period outside the country, the student should submit official documents authenticated by foreign governmental agencies and also from the Egyptian embassy in the country where the student spends the internship period; this period should be no more than six months.  The hospital administration will provide its opinion before any special procedures for distribution in the clinical sites inside the country to complete the rest of the training year.                                                                                         


C-Objectives of communications with the teamwork


In order to achieve the humanitarian/professional goals:


The student will identify all members of the work team and also short-term and long-term goals of the clinical site through the clinical instructor.


The student should report the administration of Physical Therapy about any behaviors, or orders related to the direct relationship with the members of the teamwork, which led to problems or misunderstandings that occurred during the training period.                


Procedures of distributing the internship students in the clinical sites

1-The student affairs administration in Faculty of Physical therapy distributes a form on the students of the final year to write the selective months of the internship.


2-Then, the students are distributed on the clinical sites (Cairo University Hospitals and Faculty Outpatient Clinic) as follows:


2-Months Paediatric (1 month in the Faculty Outpatient Clinic and 1 month in Kasr Al Ainy Hospital)

2-Months Neurology (1 month in the Faculty Outpatient Clinic and 1 month in Kasr Al Ainy Hospital)

2-Months orthopaedics (1 month in the Faculty Outpatient Clinic and 1 month in Kasr Al Ainy Hospital)

2 Months Internal medicine and geriatrics (Kasr Al Ainy Hospital)

1-Month women’s Health (Faculty Outpatient Clinic/Kasr Al Ainy Hospital)

1-Month integumentary disorders  (Faculty Outpatient Clinic/Kasr Al Ainy Hospital)

2 Months selective according to the desire of the students.


3-The list of student names and a statistic of success are sent to the administration of Physical Therapy in Kasr Al Ainy.


4-A sheet will be in place to record attendance, absence and holidays of the students in the clinical sites.


5-The student affairs administration in Faculty of Physical therapy record the holidays of the students in the logbook, which then submitted to the Administration of Physical Therapy to ensure that each student complete the training rounds prescribed in all specialties. Anyone who goes beyond should repeat the round at the end of the internship year.


6-After spending the year of the internship, the students take a termination clearance form from the Faculty of Physical Therapy and hold the certificate of Bachelor degree of Physical Therapy.



7-The graduates fulfill the appointment forms, which are sent by Faculty of Physical Therapy to the Ministry of Health.

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