Library services

The faculty of physical therapy consists of a specialized library having a large number of references and magazines as well as masters and phd thesis which are scientific products of the faculty. It draws the interest of students and researchers.

1-    Student are allowed to borrow 1 book for a week and can repeat for another and pay a delay fine of 1 pound per day.

2-    Demonstrators can borrows 3 books for a week which can be repeated and are fined a delay fee of 1 pound per day.

3-    Teaching staff can borrow up to 5 books for a week and can rebourrow for another.

4-    Post graduate student are not allowed to borrow books.


5-    One print dictionary – Atlas- magazines – journals – university thesis are not borrowed.

About us

Faculty of Physical Therapy - Cairo University is the first academic institute in Egypt, Started in 1962 to this day as a main provider for physical therapist and Academic staff in Egypt and the Middle East 


The Faculty have Awarded the National Accreditation in 2014, and seeking for International Accreditation 

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