Access and Equity Principles

Access and Equity Principles


Education is the right of every citizen; its aim is to build the Egyptian personality, preserve the national identity, consolidate the scientific approach in thinking, develop talents and encourage innovation, consolidate cultural and spiritual values, and establish the concepts of citizenship, tolerance and non-discrimination according to international quality standards. (Egyptian Constitution/2014)

Faculty of Physical therapy follows equity principles settled by Egyptian constitution, Universities Organization Law and standards established by National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

The Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University engages in a range of diverse activities such as research, teaching and community services. Health and safety of members is a core value of the faculty and the provision of occupational health. Occupational health is concerned with the inter-relationship between work and health i.e. how work and the working environment can affect staff members’ health and how staff members’ health can affect their ability to do their work.


The principal aim of occupational health is therefore the prevention of ill health in the work place through:

·        Assisting with the identification and management of health risks

·        Supporting staff who are ill to remain at or return to work, as appropriate

·        Improving work opportunities for those with disabilities


·        Managing work-related aspects of illness

About us

Faculty of Physical Therapy - Cairo University is the first academic institute in Egypt, Started in 1962 to this day as a main provider for physical therapist and Academic staff in Egypt and the Middle East 


The Faculty have Awarded the National Accreditation in 2014, and seeking for International Accreditation 

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