Strategic goals

Strategic goals for Faculty of Physical Therapy


Faculty seeks to achieve five main goals as follows:

1-    Improving the educational process efficiency and providing programs according to international education standards.

2-    Developing postgraduate system and supporting scientific research. 

3-    Developing community service and working to achieve society satisfaction.

4-    Improving institution capacity and its resources.

5-    Developing students’ skills of creativity, innovation and scientific thinking and entrepreneurship.


Each of the main goals consists of a set of operational goals as follows:


1. Raising the educational process efficiency and providing faculty programs according to international education standards.

1-1Development and accreditation of the undergraduate program internationally.   

(1.1.1) Adopting of the international education standards.

(1.1.2)Ensuring  compatibility of the program with the mission and vision of the faculty.

(1- 1-3)Ensuring appropriateness of the program to the needs of the labor market.

1-2 Providing learning opportunities and developing teaching methods and supporting facilities.


(1-2-1) Implementing strategies for teaching and learning.

(1.2.2) Developing teaching and learning methods.

(1-2-3) Developing policies for dealing with the problems of education.

(1.2.4) Providing the resources for teaching and learning, as well as achieving of student satisfaction.


1-3 Gain the confidence of internal and external community in the faculty and raise the academic and scientific levels of the students and graduates


(1-3-1)  Attracting excellent students to attend the faculty.

(1-3-2)  Attracting foreign students to study in the faculty.

(1.3.3) Providing academic and non-academic support to the students.

(1-3-4) Implementing the policy of continuous development of the graduates.


1-4 Upgrading the teaching staff and support staff members


(1.4.1) Achieving the sufficiency in the number of teaching staff and supporting staff members.

(1.4.2) Developing the capabilities of the faculty staff members and support staff.

(1.4.3) Evaluating continuously the performance of the teaching staff and support staff members.

(1.4.4) Raising the level of job satisfaction of faculty members.


2-Development of postgraduate system and supporting scientific research. 

2.1 Development and adoption of graduate programs

(2-1-1) Implementing the academic standards for post-graduate programs.

(2-1-2) Ensuring the compatibility of the educational programs with the mission, vision and goals of the college and academic standards.

(2-1-3) Ensuring appropriateness of the educational programs to the needs of labor market and developing new programs.

(2-1-4) Increasing the awareness for post-graduate programs.

(2-1-5) Providing all resources and facilities for post-graduate programs and ensuring student satisfaction.

(2-1-6) Developing the assessment methods for post-graduate programs.


2-2 Raising the level of scientific research and scientific activities

(2-2-1) Raising the efficiency of the research process.

(2.2.2) Providing permanent sources of funding for scientific research.

(2.2.3) Increasing the participation in the research and scientific activities.

(2.2.4) Updating the databases for the research process.


2-3 Linking scientific research to the educational process


2-4 Activating the marketing of the scientific and applied research. 


2-5 Activating the developing contracts with internal and external organization.


2-6 Activating and encouraging the procedures to enhance the competitive research.


3. Development of community service and working to achieve society satisfaction.

3-1 Achievement of the needs of the society and development of the environment

(3.1.1) Increasing the awareness of the programs, community service and developing the environment.

(3-1-2) Implementing a plan of serving and development of the community 

(3-1-3) Increasing the level of interaction between the community and the faculty.

(3-1-4) Achieving society satisfaction.


3-2 Support the involvement of the faculty in the community with all sectors to meet the different needs of society and its development.


3-3 Activating the role of special units and developing new units to provide excellent services to the community and provide a financial resource for the faculty


4. Upgrading institutional capacity of the faculty and the development of resources.

4.1 Developing the administrative process

(4-1-1) Developing the organizational structure according to the nature of the college and determine specifically activities and responsibilities.

(4-1-2) Achieving safety measures to face crisis and disaster.

(4-1-3) Supporting the quality management systems.

(4-1-4) Raising administrative efficiency of the academic leaders.

(4-1-5) Achieving the credible commitment to ethics.

(5-1-6) Upgrading the administrative system.


4.2 Developing infrastructure for the faculty

(4.2.1)  Achieving sufficiency and efficiency in the financial resources.

(4.2.2)  Maintenance of the facilities and information technology systems.


5. Development of students’ skills and abilities of creativity, innovation and scientific thinking and entrepreneurship.

5-1 Developing  creative skills and scientific thinking for the students.


5.2 Developing  general skills and entrepreneurship for the students.



5.3 Supporting and developing the student activities. 

About us

Faculty of Physical Therapy - Cairo University is the first academic institute in Egypt, Started in 1962 to this day as a main provider for physical therapist and Academic staff in Egypt and the Middle East 


The Faculty have Awarded the National Accreditation in 2014, and seeking for International Accreditation 

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